Week 1: June 1, 2019

Welcome to the Farm

It’s finally here! Your first farm share. We are definitely off to a slow start as far as what we have growing so far. With any luck, the field will dry out, the soil temp will come up and everything will be on track very soon. As a member, you will discover our every day on the farm revolves around the weather. The next few days look perfect for planting some warm weather things and bringing life to those crops we already have in the ground.
Returning members, expect a few new things season. For the first time in years we have a nice stand of melons planted. We are growing four different kinds, so with any luck we’ll have enough for you to try every flavor. We are also doing several UW Madison Seed to Kitchen trials which will mean some interesting types of potatoes and winter squash coming your way throughout the season. Your feedback on these items will be appreciated as these are being trialed for flavor. There are a few other projects taking shape at We Grow this year, including moving to a whole new field and new fertility strategies. Please consider making a trip out to our property to see how your food is being grown and what we have going on!

Napa Cabbage
Oakleaf Lettuce
Salad Pea Microgreens
Frill Salad Kale
Red Radishes

Our new greenhouse was completed in April and it has opened the door to possibilities! In the past, we had room for about 50 trays of transplants. What didn’t fit had to be shuttled back and forth from the garage to the high tunnel every day for light or heat. Now we have room for almost 250! We have more than tripled the number of plants we have been putting in the ground and have the space to try new things. We are already on our fourth succession planting of lettuce. When you consider that we are planting over 800 heads at a time, it is a huge accomplishment. No one should run out of lettuce for at least two months!

Our new field has a bit more space. In the photo above is our onion beds. With some amazing help, we have planted 9 of 10 beds for a total of 14,760 onions so far. And more carrots! We heard our membership wants more carrots, so we have enough planted for everyone. Just keep on bringing us warm weather and occasional rain and everything will go as planned.

Feeling grateful to be growing for you,

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Week One Newsletter

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