Get The Most From Your Farm Food

If you visit We Grow at our farm stand, you will find LOTS of recipe cards and cooking advice to go along. There is almost always a conversation taking place about what someone is making with their vegetables. Most of our recipes are also listed on our website. Click here for a complete list of our recipes >>

General produce storage information for buyers

Select mature, unblemished fruits and vegetables for storage, and handle them carefully. Check the condition of stored produce periodically and remove anything that appears to have spoiled. Do not store apples, which release ethylene gas, with other vegetables. Produce in storage should not be allowed to freeze. See a complete list of crops we offer and how to best store them >>

The following cookbooks are perfect for those who have a lot of fresh produce to utilize:

From Asparagus to Zucchini

A wonderful compilation for CSA cooking created by our friends at FairShare in Madison, Wisconsin on it’s fourth edition! This cookbook takes you alphabetically through Wisconsin vegetables providing interesting historical background, basic preparation and storage information, and several wonderful recipes. The book’s introduction lays out ‘what is so special about eating locally’ and after zucchini provides a host of fantastic seasonal combinations perfect for those in our farm share program or frequent market shoppers. We offer the book at a discount to all our farm members. Please inquire.

We love this website for it’s great recipes and peer reviews, but being able to search by ingredient is the key. With notes offered by other folks who have used the recipes, you get insight on substitutions, child approval and much more. And it’s FREE. Check out here >>

Ball Blue Book

The best guide for how to can and freeze extra produce. It has temperatures, techniques, basic recipes that you can adapt and a long to preservation that is particularly useful for reference, or beginners. This book includes some basic pickling techniques although we recommend a specific book or fermentation if you want to make fermented vegetables or fruits.