Pastured-Raised Poultry

Pasture Raised Chickens at We Grow LLCWe Grow will NO LONGER be offering pastured chicken beginning in 2021.

Chickens were a valuable product in bringing customers local protein options. Quality pasture-raised chicken is really tasty and therefore we were able to quickly gain a loyal following of customers. However, the reality is after five seasons there has been little profit in chickens for us. And while our pasture-raised chicken is a great draw for new customers, it’s a time-intensive and physically-exhausting product to grow. We have decided our time spent on chickens in the past will be better spent in other production areas moving forward.

Rest assured, pastured poultry is still available in our local food community. Our CSA colleagues in Athens provide a great local source for organic chicken. Stop and chat with us about your options. Our apologies for any inconvenience.