Wholesale Farm Goods

Are you planning to improve the food you offer your customers?

People know when they are eating fresh food and when properly prepared, it will sell itself. We understand that fresh sometimes requires a little more attention than pre-packaged, but we also know that the flavor can’t be beat. Not to mention, having organic food as an option will often open new markets for your business. We Grow has recently expanded offerings to our local wholesale market and will be making a weekly deliveries to both the Phillips and Medford areas and any stop within 100 miles with minimum order.

Romaine lettuce planted alongside celery at We Grow LLC

Romaine lettuce planted alongside celery in June 2016. We use cultivation to keep weeds at bay rather than herbicides.


Please request our wholesale pricing by email to farmer@wegrowfoods.com or by calling 715-427-1002. You can also submit the quick form below. We are flexible, especially on very large orders so please don’t let any one price sway your decision. Eric and Rebecca are ready to meet with you to answer your questions and plan your purchases. We do need to know in advance of the growing season if you would like to buy from We Grow as we must plant more specifically for you.

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