Farm Volunteers

Each season, we welcome volunteers to We Grow. Volunteers are the heart of the CSA system. They help us keep up with the work load, share their knowledge, provide much needed social interaction and keep us in check and on schedule. Volunteers work in exchange for vegetables and other farm goods. They can make a weekly commitment or come just a few times throughout the year. Keep in mind the work here is typical farm work. Workers deal with rain, heat, cold, bending, lifting, and getting dirty and wet. But it is fun!! People with limited physical abilities are welcome, but we must know in advance. We can arrange tasks for such as seeding into trays or packaging veggies for folks with disabilities who want to come help, but can’t get out in the field.

Scheduling – Worker Shares

We Grow volunteer Greg hilling the early potatoes in July 2016.

We require a weekly commitment – choose a day and consistently come on that day. Four hours for small share, six hours for large share. If you know you aren’t going to be able to attend a specific week because of a family vacation or other engagement, make sure we know in advance so we can find someone else to be there in your place. With pre-arranged absences, we ask you to come any week in May during planting season instead. Two unplanned absences and you are relieved from your duties for the rest of the season.

If this sounds like a job for you, please let us know. We can hash out the details!

Can I bring my kids?

We do not allow worker shares to bring their children. We have tried it and it just doesn’t work. They aren’t comfortable – children either won’t leave mom/dad’s side or else get into trouble with our many hazards (climbing on tractors and implements, sharp pieces of metal, biting animals, stinging bees, etc.) That said, we love to have children visit our farm with their families when they aren’t working. Our kids love to make new friends.

Can I bring my dog?

No. Please don’t bring your dog or any other pets. While your dog will surely have a great time, there are a few considerations. We keep free-range poultry that does not respond well to any sort of harassment. We have lots of electric fences which freak out dogs who don’t know what they are. One shock and your dog will run for the hills and be lost in an unfamiliar area. Manure abounds for dogs to get stinky in. And our dog will flip out when she sees your dog. She is out of control crazy when people bring dogs over. We won’t get any work done just trying to keep things under control. Please leave Fido at home.

Can I take my shift in the evenings or weekends?

Sorry, no evening or weekend worker shares. On our farm, we usually start work by 7:00 and our staff have left by 4:30. Yes, we are often doing farm work in the evenings, but we also like having this unscheduled, flexible time for our kids, running errands, making supper or completing undone jobs like mowing lawn, tractor cultivation, moving animals on pastures, and other odds and ends. There are always logistics involved in making sure there is work for volunteers and someone to oversee them. We can’t guarantee that we can line up work in evenings or on weekends. Occasional after hours volunteer, yes! Every week worker share, no.

Can I work barefooted?

This is a real question from 2016. Absolutely yes! Our liability policy holder might not like it, but your immune system will. So long as you are comfortable, work in bare feet. Just don’t complain when you can’t get them clean or step on a thistle!

Should I pack a lunch? Water?

If you plan to be on the farm over your normal lunch time, please pack something to eat. If you skip lunch or eat at a different time than we do, that is fine too. We can leave you with a task to complete while we eat. We take a half hour break each day usually from 11:30 to noon to eat lunch with the kids and our co-workers. We will provide a place to sit down and eat. You should also bring your favorite water bottle. We can provide water, but you need to make sure you stay hydrated while working at We Grow. It can get hot in the field! Sidenote, there is a restroom on-site so you don’t have to use the bathroom in our home.

Can I just come when I can come?

If you can’t make a weekly commitment for the 20 week season, but still want to volunteer consider joining us for one of our posted work events or please just contact us. We have several workers who love to come help in April and May with all the planting, but then get busy with their own lives in the summer and only come on occasion. Just call ahead and we’ll find save some work for you.

We truly appreciate all the hours that folks have come to lend a hand. We love meeting new people and the social aspect of having people from all walks of life on the farm. And there’s always something to do!