CSA Questions

Buying a farm share can be a hard decision to make. We want to help you with the decision by asking you the six most important questions. 1>>> Is a relationship with a farm and it’s farmers important to you? There are SO many options of what to buy or who to buy from these Continue reading >>

Broccoli Trial 2018

We Grow is trialing five organic varieties of broccoli for an early-season crop on our zone 4a produce farm. With a short time frame to complete the trial, it has been decided to grow the broccoli inside a caterpillar tunnel targeting the earliest possible planting dates with 50-60 day-to-maturity varieties being chosen. A field day Continue reading >>

Using More Herbs in Your Kitchen

Cooking with fresh herbs isn’t just for gourmet chefs. Fresh herbs pack flavor and nutrition. In this article, we will answer your questions about which herbs pair with which types of food? How much to use? When to add in the cooking process? What to do with leftovers? Fresh vs. Dried Choosing between fresh or Continue reading >>

Fresh Vegetable Storage

General storage tips: Select mature, unblemished fruits and vegetables for storage, and handle them carefully. Check the condition of stored produce periodically and remove anything that appears to have spoiled. Do not store apples, which release ethylene gas, with other vegetables. Produce in storage should not be allowed to freeze. Vegetable or Fruit Temp (F) Continue reading >>

Eating In Season, Eating Local Means Fresh

When you connect with the place your food comes from, you realize what it means to eat in season. This lifestyle not only saves money and energy, but it is more sustainable as well.