Week 5: July 6, 2019

Costata zucchini in bloom at We Grow LLC

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The zucchini mothership has landed. If you have ever grown a summer squash plant, you will understand the trials of this prolific fruit. One plant will deliver one fruit every 24 to 48 hours for the duration of the summer. They grow extraordinarily fast. One day they are the size of your thumb and the next day they are as big as a banana. If you don’t catch them at the banana stage, they quickly grow into a ten pound beast. You can still use the zucchini no matter what size, but for different purposes. The largest are often shredded for baking while the smallest are sliced up for frying. The point is, when you get into summer squash season you have to get creative (or share them with your neighbors) are you might become overwhelmed.

Baby Beet Greens
Garlic Scapes
Broccoli Shoots
Mixed Kale
Kohlrabi (larges only)
Cherry Tomatoes (larges only)

The good news is that the season for summer squash is short. We are usually harvesting it early July through early Sept. Those two months is just enough time for us to eat ourselves sick of it and be satisfied enough to not need to see another zucchini until next year.

Eating seasonally is a huge part of being in a farm share program. While we do our best to get you more variety than a typical northern Wisconsin garden, we are still limited to those typical “days to maturity” we find on seed packages. Eating a large amount of one vegetable for a short period of time is good for our health. We get a flush of nutrients that we may not have had in some time. It saturates us in nutrition and gives our bodies a chance to replenish and renew specific organs that have specific needs. Summer and winter squash are loaded with fiber to help cleanse your colon, broccoli will help detoxify the liver and potentially prevent cancer, the high water content in napa cabbage is highly absorbable and helps flush and detoxify naturally.

Eating the same few vegetables every day for the entire year isn’t going to have the same effect as eating an excess of specific vegetables for short periods of time and changing the varieties seasonally. So while we overwhelm you with zucchini and all the summer squash relatives keep in mind it won’t last long. But it is good for our health to take it in with the bounty of the season.

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