Week 4: June 22, 2019

Farmer Dene planting the raised beds at Huey's Hideaway Childrens Museum in Medford, WI

The Community in CSA

Our farm business model is commonly referred to as a CSA which stands for community supported agriculture. In its simplest form, a CSA is simply a farm that sells or trades its products to those who live within the same community. This concept is not new. It is how generations used to farm and make a living. In the 1980’s, the idea of buying a “share” of produce with a pre-season commitment was referred to as a CSA, hence the correlation in the farm share program. We like to take the modern community supported farm one step further and think of the term in reverse. While we are entirely dependent on our community of customers, we also want to support our community and be known for being fully integrated in agriculture education, local food culture and local economics.

Green Garlic
Napa Cabbage
Kale – Frill + Green Curly
Potted Herb
Mustard Greens (larges only)

The past few weeks, we have been immersed in our community by hosting groups on our farm and through volunteerism. Our farm conducted a fundraiser over the winter for Huey’s Hideaway Children’s Museum in Medford. This week, we carried out our pledge to provide the seeds and transplants and plant the museum’s new growing space. We were able to donate $150 to the museum to put towards the infrastructure thanks to many generous contributions. There is now an excellent garden started where kids can learn about how food is grown and be inspired to grow their own food too.

On Friday, a group of young women entering freshman year of high school came to our farm for the afternoon. The program they were enrolled in is called Girls Empowerment Camp. Following a week full of self-esteem and relationship building, along with cooking and fitness lessons, they came to the farm to learn about growing food. Together, we harvested and prepped a farm meal for over 50 people. We all ate at a long table together and enjoyed the summer solstice. All the while, the young women are learning how to form new relationships, take part in community, and gain self confidence and independence. Days like these are part of what we do, on your behalf, to be an integral part of this community. Thank you for supporting us and allowing We Grow to be so much more than a food farm.

Growing for you,

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