Week 2: June 8, 2017

Peas and blossoms at We Grow LLC

Careful What You Wish

What a great first week meeting our new members and catching up with the rest of you! As requested, the weather made a 180-degree turn. Now things should grow. As long as the little plants get consistent moisture. The peppers are in their beds and soaking it up. Corn is in the ground. Beans will be replanted as they are coming up sparse. Lots of beets are popping up in rows. Potatoes are coming along nicely too. Carrots, kohlrabi and broccoli from the tunnel should be ready over the next two weeks for your shares. We can’t wait for those carrots! Matter of fact, Dene samples them every day to make sure they are doing good.

This week we moved the young chickens outside and took away their heat. They are adjusting well. Some weren’t sure what to do in the green grass at first, but they learn quickly to chase insects and scratch in the dirt. Realizing our farm emails sent over the winter are often spammed, if anyone else is interested in purchasing processed meat birds please talk to us.

We are doing two batches of 100 birds this summer and they will be available for purchase in late July and early October.
This week, we started attending three markets per week and this consumes a huge amount of time. We had planned all winter on heading to our friends at Pine Grove Pastures to help them get their crops in with our water wheel planter, but the rain kept it from happening in a timely fashion. So finally late last week, Eric and Racheal went there one long day to help them get caught up on planting. Hopefully they will be back on track.

Those of you attending Saturday market in Medford might notice that we have been selling some produce from Red Door Family Farm in Athens. They are very good friends of ours and we help each other in any way possible. They had some produce ready ahead of their schedule and we are excited to offer it to our customers. One thing we noticed about the organic farmers we know is that they are relieved to hang out with people who have the same crazy lives as them and always show up to help you out when it is needed most.

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