Week 1: June 1, 2017

Cool, Wet Start

Here we go! This is your first We Grow share for the 2017 growing season. The shares are definitely lacking on several things we had planned, but we still have veggies coming in albeit largely from the tunnels. So in true CSA fashion, we are going to share with you everything we have at this time and work our tails off to make up for the lack during over the course of the season. Our best estimate is that we are about three weeks behind last season. This is in part due to wet weather, but more importantly the cold. The cold temps have been keeping things we have planted from growing. The photo above is of Mrs. Farmer and Dene at the Medford Market in late May. Fur hat and all! Alas, we still have lots of time to get more seed in the ground and replant those things that did not germinate as scheduled.

Those of you returning know that this is the time of year when we jump start our digestive tracts into healthy eating with lots of greens. We ask that you embrace greens season and make yourself a salad every chance you get. Think beyond lettuce. Add things you’ve never added before: fresh fruits, nuts, grilled meats, or cheeses and try out a new dressing or make your own from scratch with one of our recipes.

Enthusiasm on the farm is at an all time high with lots of great help and so much positive energy. The volunteers have been returning all spring with a great onion mob kick-off event in May. Our intern Racheal has been busy getting her hands dirty and wholeheartedly dives into every task we assign to her. She especially seems to enjoy the tropical temps in the tomato tunnel through all the cold, rainy spring weather. We are excited to be teaching her many of the important jobs on the farm. Plan to see her at some of the farmers markets for us this summer. Susan has also returned and is bringing a season’s worth of experience with her. As we grow, we find these amazing volunteers and employees make all this hard work a bit easier. And that is going to give us some much needed free time with two boys excited to be taking part in baseball this summer.

Eager to serve you the fruits of our labor,

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Week One Newsletter

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