Week 13: August 24, 2017

Intern Racheal Krug at We Grow in 2017

A Growing Passion

Hello, We Growians! Intern Racheal Here!

As I am packing up my bags and getting ready to make the lengthy haul to the UW-River Falls campus for the school year, I am becoming a bit sappy knowing my days at We Grow are soon coming to an end. When Rebecca and Eric approached me in January about a potential internship on their CSA farm, I never could have imagined that leaving this farm, come August, would be so hard!

Rebecca and Eric told me that they wanted me to learn as much as I possibly could while I was on their farm. Well, they definitely held up their end of our bargain. I can now impress members with memorization of the MANY varieties of kale and heirloom tomatoes, capture a swarm of honey bees, and grow my own vegetables in my own garden.

However, these are not the only things that I was taught this summer. I was also taught the importance of taking pride in a job well done, how to endow my passion for agriculture unto others, and how to value a homegrown meal. From planting my very first seeds, in the end of May, to harvesting my first heads of cauliflower this week, I’ve really come to take pride in completing a job from start to finish. It is very refreshing to look down rows upon rows of fresh transplants, knowing that I will help fill shares for an upcoming week. As I continue to personally meet more and more members, I learn that you too, have a pride in the work that we do on the farm. Having this sense of pride is important as it fuels our passion. I’ve also experienced the passion that the Zuleger’s have, it’s contagious to say the least. It’s the kind of passion that sends you home, building up a raised bed garden with a future harvest in mind. I know that their passion has spread to me as I too have put in a garden to make my first homegrown meals with produce that I grew.

Thank you for your support and for the unforgettable summer.

Racheal Krug, 2017 Intern

Week Thirteen Newsletter

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