Week 12: August 17, 2017

Cabbage at We Grow LLC 2017

Working Energy

In discussing employees with our fellow CSA farmers this week, we realized that we an amazing crew at We Grow. Growing food for people is not a glorious job. Farming is often romanticized by media, but when it gets right down to it, we are mucking through the dirt and busting our rears for several months straight. This work can wear a person out physically and mentally unless they can keep a positive attitude.

Positive attitudes and energy at a workplace can make even the worst jobs fun. Both our employees and volunteers have been a huge source of positive energy for us to gain our motivation even when something isn’t going our way or we experience a failure. When asked what motivates our volunteers to be here, you might expect the response to be “for the vegetables” or “to get exercise and fresh air,” but the response was “because we want you to succeed.” Our volunteers and workers believe in what we are doing. What a humbling concept!

Both of our employees are bright young women who did not have gardens of their own when they started at We Grow. With a little encouragement, both have installed raised beds and are raising their own crops to feed their families. Last week, Racheal brought her beans in to show us how proud she is of growing such a bountiful crop. It brought joy to our hearts to see her success. Susan has winter squash leaping out of her beds and taking over her yard. We love it! You can’t eat that grass this winter, let ‘em grow. They both alert us to each “first-harvest” in their gardens.

All of our workers take pride in successful crops on our farm. This is exactly what it takes to keep doing what we do. Working alongside someone who appreciates each beautiful bright pink potato or perfectly round radish is a mental diversion from physical labor. Stopping to taste test the first red fruits and think of creative names for trial varieties makes each day in the field a new experience. The enthusiasm and positive energy is contagious. Please keep it coming!

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