Week 12: August 24, 2019

Eric, Rebecca, Linda and Roxanne finished with the bean harvest at We Grow LLC

Food Culture

It doesn’t matter where in the world you’re from, you have to eat. Conceivably it is the most significant commonality that humanity shares. Whatever shape, form, or flavor food may take around the world, people eat. More than that, across the world people, enjoy eating. From paupers to presidents, we all break the proverbial bread in times of joy or times of grieving, on occasions both large or small, we bond and celebrate through food.

Jalapeno Peppers
Green Peppers
Garlic Bulb
Cherry Tomatoes
Savoy Cabbage
Melon (larges)
Mixed Beans (larges)

All across the country there are festivals celebrating very specific types of foods. Yuma Lettuce Days, Atkins Picklefest, Kansas City Spinach Festival, Pittston Tomato Festival, New Orleans Po-Boy Festival to name a few. We were recently invited to Grill Fest at the Medford City Park to sample and rate the foods in the friendly competition. The festival attendees also got to take part in the food sampling. The cuisine range from typical American grill fair of burgers and pork loin, to Mexican and Italian. Once again, food is a gathering point, a common ground, a celebration for our culture.

Reflecting our diverse ancestry, people of northern Wisconsin have thrown together a melting pot of food cultures. A small church might be serving Polish pierogies just down the road from a Thai food truck. The county fair will host a Greek gyro vendor next to Wisconsin’s famous deep-fried cheese curds. It is this wide range of food cultures that makes eating interesting. We continually seek and share new recipes that break the boredom in the kitchen. Trying new ingredients is the challenge we meet.

This week, some of you are getting something you’ve never eaten before, tomatillos. As bold foodies, you might feel compelled to expand your cooking repertoire and rouse your palate. With latin roots, it is easy to make something flavor-filled and worth sharing.

We have said it before, but it bears repeating: There is no more intimate decision than the food you choose to eat day in and day out. Nourishment is the basis of our very existence. We thank you for allowing We Grow to be part of your food culture.

Growing for you,

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