Week 13: August 31, 2019

Farmers from We Grow and Red Door Family Farm at the Annual Farm to Table Dinner at We Grow LLC

Farming Friends

Our dear friends at Red Door Family Farm are sharing some of their spectacular harvest of beets with you this week. In exchange, they have chosen some of the best We Grow garlic for use on their farm. Since meeting the Botsford family in 2015, they have slowly become our closest friends. Not only are we working in the same industry being CSA farmers, but having started the same year we are living many of the same struggles. Our common ground includes a wide array of topics: crop loss, machinery breaking downs, variety trialing, workers, our children and the list goes on and on. Having another vegetable farmer to lean on and sympathize or celebrate our trials and tribulations and share dreams makes our farming life significantly more enjoyable.

White Carrots
Green Peppers
Mixed Tomatoes
Bok Choy
Red Leaf Lettuce
Shishito Peppers (larges)
Mixed Beans (larges)

Last fall, we teamed up with Red Door to offer our customers an additional opportunity to continue their local eating with two local food deliveries. Botsfords helped us provide a wider selection of produce that we would not have been able to offer on our own. The orders were collected through our website and put together on their farm. We look forward to doing this again.

In a couple weeks, we are holding a farm-to-table evening at Red Door Farm to celebrate and show our gratitude to our worker shares and employees. Both farms’ workers will be our guests and both farms are contributing to the meal. A huge part of being a community supported farm is finding “our people” and cultivating a social atmosphere. Our workers have spent time together for a few hours a week for the past thirteen weeks. Some were here last season, but about half are new to their respective roles. Already, they are meeting for coffee, exchanging babysitter’s phone numbers, going on adventures and sharing recipe ideas. This month’s appreciation dinner will be another opportunity to make connections and be amongst like-minded people.

Surrounding yourself with a strong, supportive network provides encouragement and focus. Because of this, surrounding yourself with supportive people can play an important role in achieving goals. Even more so when your goals include one another. Success can be a group activity.

Growing for you,

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