Week 9: August 1, 2015

Harvesting Garlic at We Grow LLC


The garlic is out of the ground! Our two high school gals worked with us half the day Wednesday to get all the remaining garlic out of the ground and hanging in the high tunnel to dry. It feels like fall when you start putting things away for winter. But the reality is, we aren’t even half way through We Grow’s first CSA season. Many good things to come!

Speaking of putting things away for the winter, we put up our first nine quarts of dill pickles on Thursday night. Only about 50 more to go! The pickling cukes are JUST starting to come in, but could really use some rain or the vines are going to dry up quickly. Those of you who asked about buying cucumbers for pickling, please let me know when you would like them.

We had a bit of excitement this week when Dene and Gus discovered a broody hen with the  cutest little chicks come out of her hiding spot in the brush. She’s been missing for three weeks and we had assumed she was a coyote dinner. We were wrong, she had been sitting on a clutch of eggs and was able to add some new faces to our growing flock.

That bean patch featured in the newsletter photo last week isn’t quite as exciting to be in this week. Everything else we’ve planted this season, we didn’t plant quite as much as we probably should have. Well, that’s not the case with beans. We’ve got plenty. Thankfully people have been picking them up in 10 lb increments for canning and freezing. So far I’ve only had to put away about 3 lbs myself. The problem is picking them. It takes SO long! If you need beans and want to come pick them yourself, we’ll give you a great deal on them. And eating them in the field is another problem. You just can’t help it, they are so good. We probably eat a pound each while we’re picking.

With bloated bean bellies,

Eric & Rebecca

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