Week 8: July 25, 2015

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Out with the old veggies and in with the new! Beans are a summer staple in our home and they are about to become a regular item in your share. We have planted several varieties (greens, golden wax, dragon’s tongue, blue coco) to keep things changing for you. If you have an urge to get creative in the kitchen with your beans, a member shared several recipes that you can find at wegrowfoods.com in this week’s “in your crate” post.

In the photo above you can see our beautiful bean patch. The pride of the garden thanks to the hard work of our garden crew getting the weeds under control early in the season. Just wish we had a little more space for feet! One of these varieties is a dry bean. We plan to share these dry cranberry beans with our members at the end of the season.

On the farm this week, we could use a shot of rain. We placed irrigation lines when we laid out the garden this spring, but have not hooked the system up to this point. If it doesn’t rain by Sunday, we will begin watering with water from our well and water we collect from washing veggies.

Our first major hay making experience is complete. We celebrated on Wednesday as the last square bale was in the shed. We made close to 700 bales. Small numbers for a “real farm” this is a big deal to us because neither of us were raised on a farm or had experience. So we’re learning from the advice of others as we go. I’m not sure we will ever make more than we did this week, but it is nice to change up the farm routine from time to time.

With real farmers’ tans,

Eric & Rebecca

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