Week 3: June 15, 2019

School group learning about farming at We Grow LLC

A Morning on the Farm

This week a group of kids from Medford’s summer school program visited our farm. The kids hopped out of the vehicle excited to be outside and were immediately thwarted with a cold breeze. Very quickly their moods lightened as the cute kitty made her grand entrance, rubbing everyone’s ankles. We began our introductions and walkabout through the various growing structures. They noted each temperature change and guessed at all the various vegetables we quizzed them on. We came to kohlrabi and everyone had a sample. The four rows of tunnel broccoli had some kids questioning everything they knew about how broccoli is grown. It isn’t the first time someone said, “I never knew that is what broccoli plants looks like!” The green garlic tops were equally surprising to some. If you’ve only ever seen a dry garlic bulb or a jar of minced garlic it might come as a shock to see the rows and rows of green tops reaching for the sun. Planted in October no less!

Green Garlic
Napa Cabbage
Red Butterhead Lettuce
Salad Turnips
Sweet Basil
Kohlrabi (larges only)

As we rounded the chickens on pasture and talked about meat birds versus laying hens, we were thrilled to hear how many kids have family members raising their own birds. This year’s group also refrained from the usual sad sounds when we pointed out the feeder hogs ready for slaughter. The young beef stock was next, but not looking nearly as cute as last year’s jersey steer they also didn’t get much sympathy for their place in the food chain.

Finally, into the vegetable field. Each crop was pointed out and growing techniques briefly explained as questions arose. Then came farm work. We slotted the last hour for planting a bed of paste tomatoes and flowers. The groups split and went to work. They made such quick work of the 200’ bed, we had to move them into the onion patch where they whipped through weeding a huge section. It was great to get so much done in such a short time. This was, of course, not without those few complaining about the back-breaking, knee-taxing, buggy work. We just smiled and went about working hoping each of them would come to appreciate the source of food a bit more following their morning on the farm.

Growing for you,

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