Week 2: June 12, 2018

A Week on the Farm

We wanted to share how our week looks at We Grow. On Mondays, our crew typically consists of our worker shares Linda and Jessica putting in the morning shift harvesting and washing for shares. In the pack shed, we weigh and count items out for the 50 shareholders and fill crates which will go into the walk-in cooler for Tuesday delivery. One of our hired workers, Racheal is also on the farm all day to execute our harvest list or tend to the crops. Oftentimes, it get too hot to harvest late in the day.

Tuesday morning, we are greeted by worker share Tom generally bright and early. With Tom’s help we will harvest the last share items. Volunteer Sally and her husband Nate join us and wash and bag for an hour before packing the Phillips shares for delivery. When the Phillips shares leave, if we have some time we will harvest a bit of extra produce for market or head into Medford for downtown farmers market. A majority of our shares are distributed on Tuesday with only two shares going out on Saturday.

We have the opportunity to make Wednesday a “day off” with only animal chores. Susan, our seasoned employee comes this day and could take care of the farm without us if needed. This gives us a chance to schedule meetings away from the farm, host groups or make plans with our children. As of late we have been using this day to get caught up on planting, but this week we are hosting middle schoolers from Medford who plan to help us do some planting and learn about sustainable farming practices.

The past three years we attended the Rib Lake market on Thursdays, but decided to give it up this season. This has given us another work day and we can see the difference on the farm. Thanks to worker shares Anna and Greg along with Susan’s help we get non-harvesting tasks accomplished. Then on Friday, with both hired workers, we harvest and pack for Saturday market and our final shares of the week. Saturdays we wrap up farm work in the late afternoon and relax. Sundays we try to only do animals chores then leave the farm, but sometimes use this day to get caught up on our task list. Afterall, we have the winter to relax!

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