Week 14: September 5, 2015

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You may have heard an apology for complaining about the cold weather in the newsletter two weeks ago. Several of you said it best, “If you don’t like the weather just wait five minutes.” We actually considered putting the AC unit in the window of our house this week for the first time this year. For the most part, the plants in the garden loved the heat. Things are growing well that we put in for late season harvest and we can’t wait to share them with you over the next month.

This week on the farm, we seeded the winter rye in two new areas on our property we plan to put into production in 2016. The fields were plowed and the discing was done, but both areas needed some serious rock picking. With a lack of time, we planted it as is and will worry about the rocks when the rye gets tilled under next spring. Eric finished planting as the boys were tucked in their beds and the sun was setting in the distance. If only we could sell rocks. We’d be rich!

The potato field got hit by the rippers in hopes to get the field prepped for fall cover crop and also get the rock picked that we tried to ignore this spring. We have a few rows left to harvest, but a majority has been dug. Turning the ground over a second time, we found all sorts of spuds we’d missed previously. In hopes to get them to help without whining, we tell the boys it’s like a scavenger hunt. It only works for a few minutes.

In your share, you’re receiving one of our favorite greens – arugula. The spicy, nutty flavor is one that grows on you. If you’ve eaten bland greens your whole life, you might find it overwhelming. If it is too strong at first, mix it into your salad or add it to your recipe in small amounts. This particular variety is extremely tender, so you might find it does not last as long as the lettuce in the fridge. It can be eaten raw or slightly cooked. More details on the back of the newsletter.

With dirt in our shoes and rocks in our pockets,

Eric & Rebecca

Week Fourteen Newsletter

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