Week 11: August 15, 2015

Organic Rye delivered to We Grow LLC


Last week we had big plans to get new ground worked up and planted. The organic winter rye seed arrived on Monday as planned and we went to “breaking new ground” that evening and broke a weld on our new plow instead. Thankfully, Eric’s brother owns a welding shop so it was repaired by the end of the week. So we have the same plans today as we did at this point one week ago.

We’re excited about cover cropping some new ground and the area where the potatoes are growing. The deep-rooted winter rye absorbs nitrogen and minerals from far below the soil surface and brings them upward into the leaf blades. When you cut down winter rye in spring and till leaves under, the nutrients and organic matter go into the soil. This is why cover crops are called green manures, because they do the same job that manure does in soil. Not to mention, cereal rye is allelopathic, which means it produces several compounds in its tissues and releases chemicals from its roots that inhibit germination and growth of weed seeds. We’ll try getting the plow back out on Monday to get the ground ready for drilling rye.

On a positive note, we did get all the fall radishes, turnips, parsnips, arugula, spinach and lettuce planted where spring crops once grew. One step back and two steps forward. Can’t wait for some new veggies!

There are some unusual red fleshed potatoes in your share. For whatever reason, the wireworms seem to have preferred the red skinned potatoes and left alone the golds and russets. So you will have to cut the damage off these potatoes in order to use, but they are too neat not to share with you despite our reservations.

We’re making plans for our farm-to-table event coming up in early October. Watch your newsletter for details in the near future!

With cover crops on the brain,

Eric & Rebecca

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