Week 11: August 13, 2016

Working on pack shed at We Grow LLC

Family and friends helping the boys build the pack shed at We Grow

Farm Progress

This summer, it seems like whenever it rains, it pours. Literally. It poured on Thursday morning! We received over four inches in just a few hours. Walking around the field that morning, we were amazed at how much of the garden was underwater or a in a river. One of the town road ditches had purged its banks and rushed through the middle of the caterpillar tunnel and washed the top soil to the far end. The water even made its way over the walls and washed through the high tunnel. There is any serious damage aside from erosion, but it sure has made a mess.

Digging field potatoes in the slop today was a bit of a challenge to say the least. Water filled the holes behind us. Thankfully, it is only wet and nothing too serious like high winds or lightning might cause. We can move forward from here with a few nice days of sunshine and smaller rain events. Please.

The pack shed made huge progress over the weekend. One day it was just a cement slab, the next day there were walls and the next day there were trusses and sheeting. Next thing you know there will be shingles and siding. We owe a lot to the kind folks who have come and helped put it together. Giving time to someone else in this day and age is a very generous gift and we are fortunate to be on the receiving end.

This project has been a day dream for so long, working inside the new building is a welcome reality. The past year we have washed vegetables on a plastic table in the yard dealing with rain and mud, the blazing hot sun and wind. At least this year, we added a sink on saw horses to the station.We have worked under a canopy as weather allows or demands. In the cool weather, we have been bringing the produce in the house or freezing our fingers washing and scrubbing outside. And something we often forget is how much less daylight there is as the season stretches into September and October. In the new building we will have lights so we can continue to work as needed. And not having to put away all the packing supplies three days a week is going to save us a lot of time.

Taking one step back and two steps forward,

Eric & Rebecca

Week Eleven Newsletter

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