Week 11: August 10, 2017

Cleaning garlic at We Grow

Keeping Time

How different would life be without clocks and the keeping of accurate time? We watched a public television program about the origins of the clock and it turns out that people had no reason to keep track of what time it was until maps of the seas began being used for navigation. Before the industrial revolution, most people worked with the rhythm of the sunrise and sunset and did more work on sunny summer days than in the winter. This was also a time when a majority of people were farmers. When nearly every family had a large garden for growing their own food and at least a few animals for milk, butchering or to sell and earn income for materials goods.

Oftentimes, we hear of people seeking a simpler way of life in which they give up the watches and clocks in their life. This seems nearly impossible with today’s technology, but just imagine relying on life’s natural rhythms. One would think this would lead to a healthier way of living, one that could provide relief from my temple-throbbing, blood-pressure-ratcheting, compulsive need to monitor every minute of every unfolding day. Unfortunately most of us would be late for work, but for a farm there is some flexibility.

We’ve acquired more livestock over the past few months than we’ve ever had at We Grow. Our mornings start with chores, feeding and watering all the livestock. Then we all converge for breakfast. The complexity of breakfast is based on whether our work crew is showing up at 8:00 or 9:00 or at all, then we get started harvesting or doing field work until our stomachs tell us it is time for lunch. We get a nice break and then head back out until the evening sun is starting to let up and the sweat is no longer beading on our brows. We usually pick out veggies to go with supper, make this meal as a family and then go out and do evening chores as a team. While we probably can’t give up the clock, we do live a bit more by the natural rhythms of the farm. Don’t worry, the animals let us know when we are behind schedule and with east facing windows, there is no sleeping in.

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