Week 6: July 1, 2017

Pasture Raised Chickens at We Grow LLC

CSA Participants

Our appreciation goes out to all members who adjusted their schedules so we could skip coming into Medford on the Fourth of July. We thought things would be hectic picking everyone’s produce in half the time, but we ended up having so many volunteers that everything was ready in record time. We were done so fast that everyone headed into the high tunnel to start to clear the way for the farm dinner. Where carrots and scallions once grew, we will soon be enjoying a meal with friends.

The We Grow family did enjoy the holiday to the full extent. We did morning chores, rotated chickens, raked hay, and tucked a wagon load of hay bales away for the winter. Then we headed to Perkinstown to volunteer at the annual celebration and enjoy lunch and the parade. Back home to bale the last 160 bales of hay and water animals and then on to Jump River for a cookout with friends and dutch oven baking by the camp fire. And of course a late night of spectacular fireworks. Every place we stopped, we found CSA members, We Grow customers and volunteers. The network continues to grow.

When each of you signed up for our farm share program, you became part of the community supported agriculture (CSA) movement. A change in the way that we think about food. We meet with you face-to-face and learn about one another. Research shows that consumers who get their food from a farmers market have ten times more conversation than those who shop at a supermarket. You are no longer considered a consumer in the CSA system, you are considered a participant.

As we develop these relationships with our members, we learn more about the skills and goods our neighbors offer. We have made connections with photographers, contractors, artists, store owners and more. Being in a CSA is about consciously making an effort to create a better way of life with a sense of contribution to the lives of those around us. As CSA farmers, we are not striving to reach international markets or seeking to dominate the food system. We simply want to give you better food, food with a connection to the place it is grown and a better community to live in.

Making connections,

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