Week 20: Oct 19, 2019

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Year End Reflection

This is your final share of the 2019 season. Thank you again for choosing We Grow to provide you with produce over the past five months. We strive to get better ever season and big part of that is your feedback from a customer standpoint. Criticism is never easy to hear, but being honest and providing thoughtful suggestions will help shape our program to be more successful for the next group of farm members. It does us no good to carry on the way we want if it isn’t working for you. Please take a two minutes to fill out the feedback form on our website at wegrowfoods.com/survey. There are only a few questions and you can remain anonymous.

Winter Squash (choice)
Green Cabbage
Mixed Onions
Rainbow Beets
Brussel Sprouts
Rutabaga (larges)
Garlic Bulbs (larges)

While each season has its unique challenges, learning to deal with the ups and downs is a large part of being a successful grower. It is fun to reflect on what we improved and what we flopped at the past growing season.

The spring started out a few weeks behind temperature-wise and we never actually got ahead to make up for this. It was the first year we took a week off from shares and it was so well timed for us, we might write it into the plan for the coming seasons. Aside from that first, we didn’t really have many “vegetable firsts” per say. It was the earliest we’ve ever given out zucchini and cucumbers. The most we’ve ever given out peppers and the largest crop of sweet potatoes to come out of our field. This was the first season we ever grew sun gold melons and enough watermelons for everyone as well. We also never had enough of our own carrots to provide them for ten of the 20 weeks. Onions were plentiful and we had lettuce for nearly every share this year.

Disappointments are headlined by our potato crop. We invested more than ever in potato seed and did not invest enough in the fertility of the soil where we planted them. The first planting of field brassicas suffered in the cold and never rebounded. The tomatoes were down from other years. The beets didn’t size up. And our kale didn’t have enough fertility. All easy things to address as we another go at this in four months! Take care of yourselves in the off-season and keep in touch!

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