Week 2: June 13, 2015

We Grow Green GarlicWeek two – the first spring garlic and “earliest-we’ve-ever-grown” napa cabbage. If there was only one thing we could grow in our garden, it would be garlic. Not only is garlic incredibly healthy for you, it is one of the easiest things to grow with a little good advice. Our garlic is doing great and we are excited to share it with you this week and throughout the entire season. We start out eating the entire plant, then switch to eating the scapes in about two weeks, and finally pull the bulb in July. Get creative with your garlic!

On the farm this week, we hired our first garden employee. She is a young woman from Westboro with her “first real job” and she’s doing fantastic! She got in on the very last tomato transplanting with the tractor. Riding on the seat of the planter is much easier than planting on your hands and knees, no to mention it’s somewhat fun. She works hard and keeps us thinking ahead to the next task. We’re looking forward to her smiling face throughout the summer. When We Grow grows, so does our community.

We also had one of our regular volunteers start this week. Many of our Medford members will know Libby as Mrs. Orth, the teacher. Libby finished stringing the cucumbers in the high tunnel and weeded them as well. She’s very efficient! We’re excited she is so willing to help us out.

The corn and beans are all planted – finally! The first round is up and loving the heat and rain these past few days. In the past, we’ve made the mistake of planting too early and succumbing to stem borer. So we’re trying our beans a week later to avoid this pest and so far, so good. We don’t usually grow corn, but we’re giving it a whirl so as to provide a 100% organic, non-GMO supply for our members and our own family this summer.

Let us know if you have any questions about what is in your garden share and thank you! Every share was picked up on-time and at the location as planned. No pick-up hiccups!

With sunburned legs,

Eric & Rebecca

Week Two 2015 Newsletter

Click on the link above to view this week’s newsletter in it entirety including a list of what’s in your crate and what we know about each of these items. Plus, a quote from our youngest farmhands.


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