Week 18: October 3, 2015

Rhazes Lettuce at We Grow LLC


The message is loud and clear: People want more from We Grow!! With much excitement we are getting things tucked away in the garden in preparation for winter. Not to mention getting a few of those spring crops planted for overwintering. You’ve really got us wound up to move forward!

We have big plans in the garlic field. The garlic was the most requested item we had from members and at market. We could have easily sold three times what we had available, so that is exactly what we have planned. We’ve got 3,000 cloves ready to tuck under the soil and mulch which will in turn become 3,000 scapes in May and June and the same number of beautiful bulbs in July and August. We are adding a new variety from another organic farm, Persian Star which is large and has 6-8 cloves per bulb. We saved back more German Extra Hardy from our own stock as well.

This past week on the farm we had some major frost. The green beans needed for dinner were kept covered up as well as a few more delicate greens. The lettuces don’t seem to mind a little frost.

The carnival squash in your boxes this week is a gift from a good friend. Nancy Grote gave us our first organic seed catalog, Johnny’s, along with lots of gardening advice over the years. We consider her a mentor in this business. She and her husband Bill offered these organically grown, but non-certified carnival squash to our members. Thank you Grote’s!

The dinner event was incredible with an overwhelming outpouring of testimonials from you. We heard about your experiences with your shares. We also heard a few incredible weight loss stories! And some folks said, “just having it in the house forced us to eat healthier.” You will get out of your share what you make of it and it sounds like you made a lot of great food!

Grateful for such a supportive group,

Eric & Rebecca

Week Eighteen Newsletter

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