Week 16: September 19, 2015

High Tunnel Cleaning at We Grow LLC


The vines are gone! The cucumbers that came up in early May and provided delicious fruit in so many homes for almost four months are gone, but they will eventually serve a new purpose in the compost pile. It was a priority to get new things planted in the high tunnel before we lose the heat needed for seed germination. Lettuce and spinach will overwinter in the high tunnel as small compact plants and be ready to harvest next spring when our growing season begins again. We will use a secondary row cover made of a thin fabric to give the plants added insulation in the dead of winter.

After pulling the old vines, we added well decomposed leaf compost to boost the soil nutrients and began planting our seeds. At this point, we are closing the tunnel’s roll-up sides and door every night to maintain about 60ºF overnight temperature . During the day, it can get up 100ºF or more if the sun comes out and we forget to open it up.

The winter rye we worked so feverishly on back in August is up and growing like weeds. We were so worried the cool weather would slow it down, but we were wrong! It is taking over the areas we planted it in and is already pulling up nitrogen for next season’s plants to use.

The Farm-to-Table dinner event is less than two weeks away! We’re getting a good idea of exactly what the menu will look like as the final harvests are taking shape in the garden. We’ve been having fun tasting wine and beer as well. You’re welcome. If you know someone who is considering joining our CSA in 2016, they should come to this event. Or if you know someone who loves great tasting, local food, ask them to consider attending. We are not advertising through traditional channels and need help reaching those people who would love to come to an event such as this. Thank you everyone who has committed to attend already! We can’t wait.

With seeds in our shoes,

Eric & Rebecca

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