Pak Choi


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We Grow Pak Choi

Sold by the unit. At $3.00 per pound, one pac choi is $2 this week. Expect larger choi next week.

Pak choi and bok choy can be used interchangeably. It is a leafy green Chinese cabbage which mostly grows in Asian regions like the Philippines, China, and Vietnam. We are growing a beautiful green stemmed variety. Pak choi can be prepared and eaten as additives to healthy sandwiches and salads. This green, leafy vegetable helps give a crunchy, sweet taste. You can also add pak choi in your usual cabbage coleslaw recipe. Pak choi is great in stew recipes, soups, and stir fries.

Pak Choi’s antioxidant properties, along with its fiber component, help to protect your body to fight against cancer-causing agents. The fiber component of the pak choi, or bok choy, acts as a sweeper of your bloodstream in eliminating the bad cholesterol of your blood. If you also prepare and eat fresh pak choi, or bok choy, your body will benefit from its vitamin C. We all know that vitamin C is necessary to boost our immune system and fight the common cold and flu.

Compared to its other vegetable families like cabbage and cauliflower, pak choi, or bok choy, contains more vitamin A and carotene. To be able to meet the required levels of vitamin A, eat 100 grams of pak choi. Aside from vitamin A, it is also rich in vitamin K, B-complex vitamins, calcium, and iron.