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We Grow Basil – Sweet or Tulsi Variety

Sold in large 2 oz bunches.

There many types of basil varieties. On our farm keep our two favorites in stock. Sweet Genovese-Type Basil that is the most common for cooking whether it be Italian, American or Asian. This basil is perfect for pesto as well. It has large, bright green leaves. Sweet basil prefers storage at warmer temperature and often turns brown if stored in the coldest part of your fridge.

The second type we stock is Tulsi or Sacred Basil. This is one of our favorites for making beverages both by steeping fresh tulsi in the summer and dried tulsi in the winter. Tulsi has many significant health benefits known in India for centuries. A quick web search and you will be impressed at the role this herb can play in overall health.

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Sweet Basil, Tulsi Basil