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We Grow Tomatillos

Sold in one pound increments. Please contact us for bulk discount at 15 lbs or more.

Common in Latin and Mexican cuisine, tomatillos are similar to a green tomato in that they both belong to the nightshade family. Each green fruit it neatly wrapped in a papery husk that must be removed prior to eating. Rinse the sticky fruit. Removing the stem is optional as they do not have much of a core.

Tomatillos have a vibrant, tart flavor with citrus undertones, and they are the key ingredient in dozens of Mexican green sauces. If you’ve ever had Salsa Verde or Enchiladas Suizas then you’re already familiar with the flavor of tomatillos! This is one fruit that you want to use green and under-ripe, not yellow. And while you can use raw tomatillos it’s more common to use them cooked or roasted. This sweetens the flavor and adds delicious smokey flavor.