Pork Chops


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We Grow Pasture-Raised, Heritage Breed Pork

Our chops are cut 1″ thick, vacuum-sealed and frozen two per package. They range in weight from 1 to 2 lbs per package at $6.25 per pound. The exact amount will be tallied at the time of pick-up unless you pay in advance. Payment in advance and you will receive a 1.5 lb package of chops. These are bone-in chops. Return to our meat selection to check on the availability of boneless chops.

Pork chops are the most popular cut from the pork loin, which is the strip of meat that runs from the pig’s hip to shoulder.

Plan a visit to come see the role our hogs play in our farm system. Learn more about how our heritage hogs are raised on our main farm website’s pastured pork page.