Jalapeno Peppers


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We Grow Jalapeno Peppers

Sold by the piece. If you are interested in large amounts, please contact us and we can price by the pound. Approx 12 large jalapeno peppers per pound.

Our jalapenos are approximately 4-5 inches long and great for stuffing and grilling or chopping into salsas and sauces. We raise most of our peppers inside of our caterpillar tunnel where they get warmer temperatures and a longer growing season than out in the field which means more peppers for you.

Jalapeno peppers are a medium-sized chili pepper. A mature jalapeño chili can have a range of pungency, with Scoville heat units of 3,500 to 3,600. Commonly picked and consumed while still green, it is occasionally allowed to fully ripen and turn red, orange, or yellow. It is wider and generally milder than the similar Serrano pepper.

Skin cracking is a common sight on these peppers and is called jalapeño corking. It appears as scaring or minor striations on the surface of the pepper skin. When you see jalapeño skin cracking in this manner, it simply means that it needs to stretch to accommodate the rapid growth of the pepper. Sudden abundance of water combined with plenty of sun will cause the pepper to go on a growth spurt, resulting in corking and is no reason for concern.

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