Chicken Gizzards and Livers


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We Grow Chicken Gizzards and Chicken Livers

Gizzards are great for pickling, holiday stuffing and soup! And if you are a liver person, you may love our chicken livers. Mom says they are great, you’re just going to have to take her word for it.

Our chicks are purchased from a hatchery each May from certfied non-GMO parentage. We raise them by rationing a limited amount of high quality non-GMO feed each day. This forces them to range about our farm and forage every day on grasses, insects and small mammals. Raising them this way, they grow slower than the average cornish cross chicken but we think you end up with a healthier, more nutritious, more flavorful meat than if they are simply grain fed. You will find they have more developed muscles tissues which means you won’t be cutting it with a spoon and you can see the striations in the meat more like pork and beef. No saline or fillers added to our meat!!

You can use market vouchers for meat purchases.

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1 lb gizzards, 2 lbs gizzards, 1 lb livers, 2 lb livers