Week 20: Oct 19, 2019

Year End Reflection This is your final share of the 2019 season. Thank you again for choosing We Grow to provide you with produce over the past five months. We strive to get better ever season and big part of that is your feedback from a customer standpoint. Criticism is never easy to hear, but Continue reading >>

Week 19: October 12, 2019

So Starts Another Season The end is near! It seems like no matter when that first frost and winter weather arrives, we are not ready. In the past, it was definitely us procrastinating but as the kids get older we find ourselves taking advantage of those nice fall days and doing things with the like Continue reading >>

Week 18: October 5, 2019

Food is Thy Medicine Selling our produce direct to consumer, we have the pleasure of speaking face-to-face with just about every one of our customers. Some folks only give us a bit of small talk and others dive into their entire health history. It happens suddenly when a patron finds out that we grow using Continue reading >>

Week 17: Sept 28, 2019

The Work of Many Hands A group of high school students from Medford High along with two teachers visited the farm on Friday last week. The kids had to choose a project to work on for their required community service credits. Twenty students decided to come to our farm to work for two hours. Some Continue reading >>

Week 16: Sept 21, 2019

Homegrown Wellness This is a reprint of an old article we feel is worth repeating, particularly for all of our new members. Did you know that sweet potatoes, spinach and cashews all help fight depression? Have you heard that dark leafy greens and grass-fed meat can reduce your migraine symptoms? And apples, cranberries, celery and Continue reading >>

Week 15: Sept 14, 2019

Rain, Rain Another Day It has been a challenge to dry out between days lately. We mucked out the potato and carrot harvest last week and we mucked out the carrots and beets again today. It seems like it has been raining every day this month, but of course, that is not completely true. With Continue reading >>

Week 14: Sept 7, 2019

The Winter Pantry Tonight our family spent the evening putting summer food away for the winter. The boys were busy cutting up damaged red potatoes and filling quart jars. When that set of jars were all filled, they were on to pushing tomato soup that we had been cooking all day in the pack shed Continue reading >>

Week 13: August 31, 2019

Farming Friends Our dear friends at Red Door Family Farm are sharing some of their spectacular harvest of beets with you this week. In exchange, they have chosen some of the best We Grow garlic for use on their farm. Since meeting the Botsford family in 2015, they have slowly become our closest friends. Not Continue reading >>

Week 12: August 24, 2019

Food Culture It doesn’t matter where in the world you’re from, you have to eat. Conceivably it is the most significant commonality that humanity shares. Whatever shape, form, or flavor food may take around the world, people eat. More than that, across the world people, enjoy eating. From paupers to presidents, we all break the Continue reading >>

Week 11: August 17, 2019

Working on Ethics Did you happen to be in Rib Lake last Sunday for the Ice Age Days parade? Did you notice a bright red 1951 Farmall Super C driving by when suddenly a youngster handed you a cucumber? That was We Grow and the families that have been working on our farm this season. Continue reading >>

Week 10: August 10, 2019

The Halfway Mark Welcome to the halfway point of the CSA season! The weather is starting to feel fall-like with some cool nights. Cool season crops are being planted as time allows. Two weeks ago it was brassicas and radishes, this week it was boc choy and lettuce. We still need to plant arugula, mustard, Continue reading >>

Week 9: August 3, 2019

Breaking The Rules With our farm kids reaching middle school age, we have come to the realization that we need to get away from the farm for some “adventuring” no matter how long our to-do list. We seek to experience more of what northern Wisconsin has to offer and keep our sanity. So this week, Continue reading >>

Week 8: July 27, 2019

Mid-Season Stride As we start to hit the mid-season stride, it feels like a good time to let you know what’s going on around here. We are sending a farm email every Friday. It is not the same as this newsletter and it often includes links to some recipe ideas as well as lots of Continue reading >>

Week 7: July 20, 2019

Beasts of Burden Calves, pigs and chickens, oh my! Everywhere you turn there are animals around here. None in large quantities, but enough to do their job on our farm. Livestock can play an integral role on small farms and the underlying health effects of animal interaction shouldn’t be overlooked. IN THE BAG Cherry Tomatoes Continue reading >>

Week 6: July 13, 2019

Farm Economy As we are about to host a summer potluck for our local chapter of the Wisconsin Farmer’s Union, our thoughts can’t help but dive into the struggling economic situation Wisconsin farmers are presently facing. WFU supports legislative action and farmer cooperation to navigate this difficult situation. IN THE BAG Carrots Zucchini Spinach Cucumber Continue reading >>